Hi Blues Matters, thanks for the invite to share my favourite blues tracks. Some in your magazine will know me from representing the UK Blues Federation in 2017 when we won the European Blues Challenge. Some may know me from my radio show on the BBC “Kaz Hawkins Got The Blues” when I’m not touring and some will know me for my own music and different take on the blues.

I’m a singer/songwriter first so I write in multiple genres but blues has given me so much so I am always ready to pay tribute to it. I run three shows right now. A Duo, which is about my life & Memories of Etta which is a homage to Etta James and I also have a new Kaz Hawkins & her Band of Men which we will relaunch with a brand new album in 2021.  I’m originally from Northern Ireland but now I am living in France so being introduced to lots of European blues is amazing but these are my all-time top blues tunes. Right now we’re all going through something very scary with COVID-19 and most of the locked-down world will turn to music. These tunes get me through, perhaps they will help others. Love to all your readers and be safe and well. Love Kaz.

1 – Etta James – St Louis Blues

Etta is my favourite female singer and is who introduced me to my first blues song. I was 12yrs old auditioning for Opportunity Knocks singing Secret Love by Doris Day when the musical director told my gran that she should let me listen to Etta. My gran found a tape at the market and the first song that played with Etta singing a W.C. Handy song – St Louis Blues. My love of blues began at that moment and I now sing this in one of my shows.