Scottish singer/ songwriter Greig Taylor of Blind Lemon Gators, The Gospel According, and GT’s Boos Band, among others, chooses his top 10 blues songs. “It was very difficult to choose just 10, so I’ve based my choices mostly around songs I’ve covered myself. Each song in its own way has had a significant impact upon myself and my understanding of the blues in its various guises over its many years.”

1 – Dust My Broom – Elmore James

A blues standard, covered by a variety of musicians, including myself with various outfits. Had to be in there with that signature riff and its influence on the genre.


2 – Spoonful – Willie Dixon

I first came across the Cream version of this while researching covers for the GT’s Boos Band, then I heard Howlin’ Wolf and I was hooked.


3 – Born Under A Bad Sign – Albert King

The groove in this song got me right away. Albert King is such a cool dude. The lyrics I empathised with when I performed this during my time with Brian Rawson Band.

4 – The Thrill Is Gone – B.B. King

What more can be said about this song than what’s already been said? Maybe my favourite of all, by THE King of the Blues.

5 – I Can’t Quit You Baby – Otis Rush

I originally listened to the Led Zeppelin version of this song and performed a similar version with GT’s Boos Band which I absolutely loved.

6 – See That My Grave Is Kept Clean – Blind Lemon Jefferson

During my time with Earl Thomas and our a capella quartet ‘The Gospel According’ I learnt so much about the blues and of course the influences of gospel music upon it. This was the first song I ever recorded with the Blind Lemon Gators and influenced me greatly.

7 – Love In Vain – Robert Johnson

I just love the laidback, almost irreverent quality of this song. Almost a lament.

8 – I Loved Another Woman – Fleetwood Mac

I’m a huge Peter Green fan and this is a song I have performed with all my bands except the Blind Lemon Gators. I originally heard the Gary Moore version, and actually performed it with the original Gary Moore band of Pete Rees, Vic Martin and Graham Walker when they asked me to join them for some Scottish shows.

9 – Death Letter Blues – Son House

This song is probably the biggest influence on me and my understanding of the blues. I recorded it on my first GT’s Boos Band album Steak House (2013), but that was a blues-rock rendition very different to the one I do now with the Blind Lemon Gators, which is more rootsy. Both are quality!

10 – Pride n Joy – Stevie Ray Vaughan

When I first started listening to blues, SRV was my idol. His sound very much influenced the work I did with GT’s Boos Band and this song was a staple of our set. Love this song to this day.

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