‘Some of my best songs come from ridiculously ordinary moments’ observed Graham Nash as he recounted the tale of having breakfast with Joni Mitchell one wintry day in Ventura Boulevard. After which they passed by an antiques shop wherein a vase took Mitchell’s eye. Upon returning to their home, Nash remarked that he would light a fire whilst Mitchell put some flowers into the vase she recently purchased. Our House, the final song of tonight’s second set, was inspired by these seemingly mundane events thus proving Nash has lived an artistic life full of rich observations in all senses.

Words: Paul Davies    Pictures: Hunter Zimny


Punctuating his two sets of songs generously with such magical anecdotes, the Graham Nash express of music pulled up at the Theatre Royal Drury Lane, his latest pit stop on his Sixty Years Of Songs And Stories tour, and immersively entertained a spellbound capacity crowd of devotees. The very picture of distinguished health, sporting a full head of silvery white hair and dressed in double denim, counterculture icon Nash covered all points on his musical compass as he and excellent guitarist Shayne Fontaine and, on keyboards, Todd Caldwell enhanced the stripped back musical delivery with artistic flourishes. Both added beautiful vocal harmonies in support of Nash’s still remarkable high tenor tones.


Together, they journeyed to and fro across Nash’s legendary discography from The Hollies‘ Graham Gouldman written 1966 hit Bus Stop, through CSNY stopovers on opening tune Wasted On The Way, Marrakesh Express and more…and delicious covers of Joni Mitchell’s A Case Of You, Stephen Stills’ Love The One You’re With, Neil Young’s Only Love Can Break Your Heart – written for Nash – and taking it all the way back to school with Buddy Holly’s Everyday. Marianne Faithfull in attendance – about whom The Hollies wrote Carrie Anne – must have been tripping back on her golden memories along with every other soul in this historic venue. Tonight’s show was far from being ordinary, it was, in fact, ridiculously outstanding.

A Nash-terpiece.