The album released on the 25th of November features 9 tracks and it’s a follow up to the critically acclaimed single “Goddamn” released in September 2021.

The band are no strangers to the UK & European music scene and they have gained the reputation of a must see heavy blues act known for their relentless touring schedule. “ Money back guaranteed if
you don’t like the show!” as they often say. Their previous releases have propelled the band to headline slots at HRH BLUES at 02 Sheffield, Rory Gallagher Festival in Ireland or sell out shows at Edinburgh Jazz & Blues Festival as well as never-ending touring across UK, Europe and Scandinavia.


Lead vocalist and guitarist Gerry Jablonski says: “The art and music especially should reflect reality or be the reality of reflection…We walked into the studio on the morning of the Russian invasion of
Ukraine. The terrifying events of the unfolding war started shaping the mood and the sounds we were creating. It seemed like the lyrics never meant so much before, the sound never felt so dark.
This unknown and new reality deeply affected our music and performance during this session. The sound of the album is a sum of the experiences and the feelings that inspired us during the recording


Harmonica player Peter Narojczyk adds “ We went into the studio with a plan but as Mike Tyson used to say “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth”. In our case that punch came from the unfolding war the very morning we started the session. Lyrically the album comments on the current events – from the war (Hard Road) environmental disasters (Heavy Water), to mental health issues (Tiny Thoughts) or the high cost of living ( Breaking The Stones ) but it was never meant to be delivered with such an intensity. Music and art should reflect the world we live in and right now the world feels dark and heavy!”.

The band embarks on a 3 week European tour on the 1st of September (another date to remember!) and then continues the journey of this crazy rock and roll circus in the UK throughout the rest of the year. Although the release date is set for 25th November 2022, the album will be exclusively available at all the live shows from the 1st of September. Hurry up and see them live before the first run is sold out prior to the release date!

Tour Dates 2022

15th September, The Musician, Leicester, UK
16th September, Arlington Arts Centre, Newbury, UK
17th September, Ripley Blues Club, Ripley, UK
1st October, Callander Jazz & Blues Festival, Callander, UK
2nd October, Callander Jazz & Blues Festival, Callander, UK
15th October, Cafe Drummonds, Aberdeen, UK
23rd October, HRH Crows Festival, Liverpool, UK
5th November, Eden Court Theatre, Inverness, UK
6th November, Oran Mor, Glasgow, UK
18th November, Whitby Rocks Festival, Whitby, UK
19th November, Tenby Blues Festival, Tenby,UK
9th December, Backstage at The Green, Kinross,UK