Richard Pite, Boisdale Blues FestivalThe 14th of June will see the Blues Matters Blogger in some outstanding musical company at Boisdale of Canary Wharf for the opening night of the Boisdale Blues Festival.  As a warm up to the night, he spoke with Richard Pite, the man fine tuning the tasty musical menu.

“I’m really looking forward to highlighting the Blues solidly for a couple of weeks.  When we started putting music on at Boisdale of Belgravia in 1999, we concentrated on classic jazz echoing the great days of the 1930′s’to 1950’s.  With Boisdale of Canary Wharf, the remit has been wider, embracing Blues and Soul as well, with some fabulous artists like Otis Grand appearing, and we’re very proud to have Jools Holland as our Patron of Music.”


So what are the three acts most getting Richard excited in the run up to the Festival?  


“First, Mud Morganfield.  He joined us in February and I loved his night.  Then there is Albert Lee.  I am delighted he is in the line up and on a personal level I have played tuba with Albert and his band, which isn’t a claim many people can make.  Finally, if I am forced to name just three, Earl Thomas with Paddy Milner and The Big Sounds, another terrific live act.”

Richard has been putting on music nights at the “original” Boisdale of Belgravia since 1999 and at Boisdale of Canary Wharf since April 2011, so he knows his Blues and his artists.   Richard has also lined up The Congo Faith Healers, The Bag Band, The Eric Ranzoni Blues Band, Giles Robson and The Dirty Aces, The Cadillac Kings, and Big Boy Bloater – and more.  Boisdale of Belgravia will also be featuring Blues acts for every night of the Boisdale Blues Festival, and a mention must be given to longstanding resident artists, The Eric Ranzoni Blues Band.   The first evening in particular excites the Blues Matters Blogger.  The evening will be compered by Jools Holland, and the music provided by Jordan Marsh, Errol Linton, and Mud Morganfield.   Mud Morganfield is described on the Boisdale website as “in his own right one of the greatest Bluesmen in the world”.  The phrase “in his own right” is used because Mud is the son of a member of the Blues nobility – the late, great Muddy Waters.  And, judging by Mud’s new alum, Son of the Seventh Son, that quote is accurate.  Mud sings with real depth and feeling and is accompanied by a band of Blues masters.  The long ballad “Midnight Lover” in particular is one of the finest slow Blues that the Blues Matters Blogger has heard, and is looking forward to hearing on the night.   The Boisdale Blues Festival runs between 14 and 23 June and tickets are available here:  

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