european blues union

You may not be aware that there is a team of supporters of the blues in the UK that is currently working on populating the UK pages of the European Blues Union website

In particular, we are keen to develop the page(s) dedicated to clubs/venues, festivals and musicians and would appreciate your input to help us bring these pages more up to date.


So if you are involved with or know of any venues that regularly put on blues gigs or are involved with a blues festival or similar event, we would love to hear from you with details.


If you are a blues musician/band and would like to be included on the relevant pages of the site, let us have details and we will do the rest! Please let us know where you are based and if you are prepared to travel!

If any of the information already shown is incorrect or if you can provide further detail, please contact us.

We want to create as comprehensive a listing as possible of venues & festivals in the UK to help both UK acts seeking venues to play at as well as acts from elsewhere in Europe who are looking to tour in the UK. We also want the Musician pages to be a useful starting point for anyone looking for acts to play at their festival, venue or event.

Please get involved and let us have your info via the e-mail links on the website or by emailing [email protected]