Crows Feet Records

Based in Austin, Texas, Emily Wolfe is a singer songwriter and consummate guitarist. She is on the rock end of the blues genre and there’s even catchy popular music tones to her newest release. It is an eclectic mix of songs, sung in her own unique style and certainly from the heart. First song, No Man hits the listener like a rocket, a real soundscape, Emily letting you know she means business and is very independent.


Some heavy guitar work throughout the album exemplifies her ongoing abilities in this regard. Cover Of Virtue has a heavy vibe with soaring vocals, very catchy. LA/NY is a soulful upbeat tune, Emily’s vocal range matching that of her signature guitar licks, mellow tones here. Something Better is a standout musically, mixing synthesized beats and grows into a real rocking tune, a song for the way we live in these uncertain times. Never Gonna Learn is a catchy dance track, reminiscent of early 80s Blondie. Vermillion Park has rising harmonies and pretty rootsy feel to it, whilst dealing with reflections of her life, some good lyrics here.


Damage Control has a groove of its own and a real dance floor filler. My Lungs Give Out carries on this vibe. Death Row Kisses is a hard-hitting tune with a good melody and searing vocals. Finally, Heavenly Hell is a dreamy track, a real favourite. Genre defying, a very well-produced album full of melody and punctuated with groove.

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