Award winning South African blues rock guitarist Dan Patlansky releases his new single Bad Soul on Friday 18th March 2022

Bad Soul is the second single taken from Dan’s latest studio album “Shelter Of Bones.” the album is available from


“Some people are just born bad and can’t be changed,” says Dan about Bad Soul. “I grew up and got to know some people that seemed to just possess a bad streak in them, and no matter how hard people tried to steer them in a different direction, they would just end up being a bad ass in everything thing they did.” 


Patlansky supports the single and album with a UK tour from March 31–April 12 with special guest Arielle. Tickets available at

Shelter of Bones was recorded over a three-year period from 2019-2021. “The pandemic allowed me to take my time, and really think about how I want the songs to come across,” reflects Patlansky.

“In many ways I tried to keep the sound from past albums that I’ve become known for in my arrangements and song writing, but definitely took some different turns along the way. I’ve always seen a record as a time capsule of where an artist is in a particular time of their lives.”

Shelter of Bones covers a three- year period of many ups and downs. As a result, the South African guitarist believes the process has been a very interesting journey.

Shelter of Bones is an accurate representation of who I am currently as an artist, which is a modern twist on what I love most, the Blues.”