Harmonica Hinds and Eddie Taylor JrChicago Blues: Harmonica Hinds

Chicago still has the Blues. There are many, many great artists resident in the Windy City, including a recent subject of our blogs, Mud Morganfield.


One longstanding Chicago Blues artist who appeared on Mud’s award winning album “Son of the Seventh Son” is Mervyn ‘Harmonica’ Hinds, who shared harmonica duties with Bob Corritore.


We asked Mr Hinds a few questions:

How did you come to play on Mud’s album?

“Mud asked me to.”

Why were there two harmonica players?

“Bob Corritore produced the CD and Mud said he wanted me to do some playing.”

A highlight from the experience? 

“Just making music with those guys was the highlight. I don’t have a favourite track. They all sound like the blues to me.”

You knew Junior Wells and Louisiana Red. Do you have any memorable recollections of them?

“Junior Wells came up to Billy Branch and me at Theresa’s Lounge and blew something on his harmonica and stated play this. Lousiana Red and I had a good discussion about vibrations and attractions.”

What got you into playing the harmonica and at what age?

“My mother used to give me play harmonicas as Christmas gifts. I was really young about seven, eight or nine.”

How was it to play the harmonica in a theatre show (that is quite an unusual thing)?

“The Black Ensemble’s Production “Muddy Waters -The Hoochie Coochie Man” taught me things about acting. You had to blow at certain times and project certain things. The cast was fantastic!”

What is it like to play Buddy Guys Legends?

“I’m thankful for Buddy Guy. As a matter of fact, I just got home from doing a luncheon performance there. Eddie Taylor Jr. performs on Thursdays. But, he had an emergency and asked me to do it in his place. You see, that’s the place in the city where I can get to play on a regular basis. I highly recommend his new book ‘Buddy Guy When I left Home’. I know more about him after reading his book.”

What about your latest album?

“The solo CD with guitar and harmonica came about as a result of my performing at Buddy Guy’s Legends. The CD is titled ‘Harmonica Hinds – If Speed was a just a Thought’. It can be purchased at cdbaby.com. All the tunes are original tunes. It was recorded in one take because I had a limited budget. It was self-produced. I have other plans to record other CDs. I have three self-produced CDs. The other two are with the band and they can be purchase at cdbaby.com.”


Harmonica Hinds website is here http://www.harmonicahinds.com/4.html  – listen to the track “Trainride”, a stirring harmonica shuffle.

You can buy Harmonica Hinds CD’s here: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/harmonicahinds

Mud Morganfield: www.mudmorganfieldblues.com

For even more Chicago Blues, visit the Chicago Blues Guide here: www.chicagobluesguide.com

Photo: by Jennifer Noble [email protected] – Harmonica Hinds (left) with Eddie Taylor Jr.