Bywater Call Drops Southern Rock Banger “Everybody Knows”

Canadian roots, rock, blues, and soul band Bywater Call has just released their fourth single of the year, “Everybody Knows,” from their upcoming studio album Shepherd. This Southern rock banger opens with an infectious guitar riff and a burst of horns, evoking the swagger of the Black Crowes and the Rolling Stones, combined with the soul of Aretha Franklin. “Everybody Knows” features a fierce female vocal that delivers classic Southern Rock at its finest.

Guitarist Dave Barnes explains the song’s narrative: “Told in three vignettes, connected by the chorus of ‘everybody knows the bed they sleep in,’ this song is about how you can tell yourself whatever you want to hear, whatever makes you feel better, but ultimately, the truth is always waiting for you at the end of the day.” The single was recorded and mixed by Bywater Call drummer Bruce McCarthy at The BeatFarm in Toronto, Canada.

The release of “Everybody Knows” follows the pre-sales for the band’s highly anticipated third studio album Shepherd, set to drop worldwide on August 9th, 2024. The album features ten original songs that showcase Bywater Call’s continual exploration and experimentation, pushing the boundaries of music genres while developing their own unique voice. The new tracks illustrate the band’s growth while still paying tribute to their historical and contemporary influences.

Known for their dynamic, emotional live shows, Bywater Call often transcends genres, delivering powerful vocals and exciting interplay between all band members. The band was nominated for the 2024 UK Blues Award for International Blues Artist of the Year. They’ve toured extensively in Europe, where Dutch, German, and UK media have praised their performances, highlighting Meghan as one of the best female voices in blues and roots today.

Bywater Call has had a busy year. In 2023 alone, they played 96 shows across 10 countries, 89 cities, 19 US states, and 3 Canadian provinces, including a performance on Joe Bonamassa’s third Keeping the Blues Alive at Sea Mediterranean Cruise.

This October, Bywater Call will headline their second UK tour. For dates and details, visit



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