Delta Moon Records.

Bob Malone MOJO EP

This 6-track collection was recorded in Hollywood and Calabassas, California, written by Bob Malone and his guitar compadre Bob Demarco, with the tastefully chosen exception of Ray Charles’ Hard Times. Their version is respectful to Ray’s 1961 original but is, at the same time, a personalised interpretation of Ray’s sad classic – perfectly and thoughtfully paced, with a stonking piano performance. This fine album opens with the driving, muscled-up boogie blues of Certain Distance, syncopated powerhouse bass, drums and Hammond organ underpinning expansive, fluid guitar and processed vocals all at Radar Love velocity. In stark contrast, the swampy, inviting Toxic Love builds languidly, no hurry, a thixatropic, and steamy blues. I’m Not Fine is a Wurlitzer/Hammond stonker, its call and response vocal pattern effectually enhanced by backing singers Lavone Seetal and Sarah Nolan – this is an admirable ensemble performance. A singular, remote from home lonely experience is recounted on Paris, “just another city without you” – bitter, sweet, expressive – I just love this track. By the time I get as far as Rage And Cigarettes, I’m totally sold on Bob and his band. This is a honey of a record, I recommend it highly.