BLUES ENGINE Dance Macabre.


Blues Engine - Danse Macabre

Blues Engine are well named. Raw Blues with most of the fripperies and modern affections removed they hit hard and run off chortling into the distance. The band are London based and since September 2013 they have amassed a pretty good set of gigs in their CV including Ronnie Scotts, The Spice Of Life, Charlie Wrights (Hoxton) and headlining at the Cropredy Fringe festival. This single gives you three numbers, a total of 10 minutes and each of them grabs you by the ears and demands your attention. Lead vocals come from Katya Chernyakova, sultry and pouting while she has Alex Cooray on guitar, all angular lines and low slung, massive drums courtesy of Ovais and Alexander Liutai providing bass and they deliver some of the most Bluesy material I’ve heard in year’s. This is a band I must see live as soon as possible.