Nola Blue

Benny Turner Journey

It’s a great title for a true blues CD, because that’s what the blues is – a journey. Texan Benny Turner’s journey has been a classic voyage through the blues. He was bass player with the late, great Freddie King and musical companion to Marva Wright. This impressive collection of ten original songs reveals a true bluesman at his peak. Tracks such as How I Wish and I Wanna Make it Right, with their cutting, moody arrangements and punching brass are real emotion-stirrers. Turner’s fine, gritty voice speaks volumes for that musical confidence he’s obviously gained touring around the USA and the world. He lifts the spirits with a smile on the superb guitar instrumental, Grandma’s Blues, with a nod to other family members with My Uncle’s Blues (Fannie Mae). Benny Turner has a big heart and a compassionate view for the situations many of his countrymen find themselves in US cities such as Chicago, and especially New Orleans. That’s why the final track, at four and a half minutes, What’s Wrong With The World Today, is so memorable. It’s very pleasing to know that 8 decades on from the world of Robert Johnson, the great American blues troubadour tradition is still functioning, with men like Benny Turner in the lead. A good, solid blues album, well written, well played.