Hobemian Records

arthur migliazza layin it down

If you love piano to dominate and you are looking for something that is boogie with a twist then this is the album for you, it is thirteen live wired tracks that brighten any grey day when combined with Arthur Migliazza’s vocals. This is a talent that has been honed and, as a two-time international blues challenge finalist, recognised for his talent has he makes those ivories dance as only a master of Blues, Boogie Woogie, Ragtime can do; so that every note flows creating harmony, there is a speed but nothing is hurried the timing is spot on. The selection on the album is a mix of classics and self-penned numbers every track brings more to the album, Fats Domino’s – I’m Ready gets you hopping and Sing Sing Sing (Prima & Fina) a big band number that is given the treatment by a trio and wow what a full sound they have created by using interesting interplay between the piano and the full on drum boogie sound. Thank You Blues, is a slower blues number that conjures up the past whilst keeping the music firmly in the present with delightful harp playing courtesy of Sean Divine, taking you deep into the Delta as the music absorbs you.


How many versions of W.C. Handy’s St Louis Blues do we have in our collections? This deserves to be added with its clever orchestration starting quiet and smooth, controlled and calm and then revving up to a full on dance-hall hopping beat. The stand out track though for me is a Migliazza penned track Professor Calling Me, a real tribute to New Orleans sound and Professor Longhair himself, the lyrics and the piano say it all. This is good time music played to the highest standard with changes in tempo and layers of musical colours and tones; delighted to have added this to my collection.