A Night of Blues Brilliance: Troy Redfern and Philip Sayce Rock Oran Mor, Glasgow

Troy Redfern, a one-man army armed with a  guitar and an array of slide-based tracks, set the stage on fire at Oran Mor, Glasgow. Redfern’s signature look, complete with rambler hat and loose vest, added to the allure as he skillfully manoeuvred through a set that showcased not only his musical prowess but also his engaging stage presence.

Words and Pictures: Ian Potter    

The performance kicked off with the soulful “Waiting for Your Love,” immediately capturing the room’s attention. Redfern’s deft use of the loop pedal, coupled with seamless guitar changes, created a dynamic atmosphere that had the audience hooked from the first note. His declaration of “it’s good to be back in Glasgow” set the tone for a night that promised to be unforgettable.

Redfern’s set seemed to pass in the blink of an eye, leaving the audience yearning for more. However, the transition to Philip Sayce and his band ensured that the energy in the room remained at its peak.

Sayce exploded onto the stage with a bang, delivering huge riffs and massive sounds that took the crowd to another level. His infectious smile mirrored the audience’s reaction, creating a symbiotic exchange of energy that permeated the venue. Sayce’s performance was a wild, energetic, and full-on experience that transcended expectations.

The sheer intensity of Sayce’s show was palpable; it was a sonic journey that left no room for anything but pure, unadulterated blues brilliance. He could have been playing his hits or even a children’s nursery rhyme, it wouldn’t have mattered – his charisma and talent would blow the audience away regardless.

The night at Oran Mor with Troy Redfern and Philip Sayce was a blues lover’s dream. From Redfern’s masterful solo act to Sayce’s explosive band performance, the concert was a testament to the enduring power of blues music, leaving the audience with a musical experience that would resonate long after the final chords had faded away.

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