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Blues Matters is available in outlets across the UK via Warner Distribution in WHSmith, certain HMV and other independent stores also at Smiths kiosks in mainline railway stations and airports.

In the USA, we are stocked nationwide in Barnes & Noble, Hudsons’ News Stands and a growing number of outlets in Canada as well as across Europe, NZ, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan.

Artwork sizes and specifications

¼ page: 58 x 90mm for print
½ page: 58 x 190mm PORTRAIT or 128 x 90mm LANDSCAPE
Full page:
Full Page (without border): Type Area 128 x 190 Trim Size 148 x 210 Bleed 158 x 220
Full page (with border): 128 x 190
All adverts to be supplied in CMYK as JPEGs, TIFFs or PDFs at no less than 300dpi.

Print Deadlines

Issue 100 (Period Feb – Mar 2018).

Goes to print on 8th Jan 18
On Sale date: 26th/Jan/2018
Advert Booking deadline: Thurs 16th Dec 17                Artwork deadline: 22nd Dec 17

Issue 101 (Period Apr–May 2018)

Goes to print: 5th Mar 2018
On Sale date: 30th Mar 2018
Advert Booking deadline: Mon 24th Feb 2018                 Artwork deadline: 8th Mar 18

Issue 102 (Period June-July 2018)

Goes to print: 7th May 2018
On Sale date: 30th May 2018
Advert Booking deadline: Fri 20th Apr 2018                      Artwork deadline: 27th Apr 18

Issue 103 (Period Aug-Sept 2018)

Goes to print: 9th July 2018
On Sale date: 27th/July/2018
Advert Booking deadline: Mon 22nd June 2018               Artwork deadline: 29th June 18

Issue 104 (Period Oct-Nov 2018)

Goes to print: 10th Sept 2018
On Sale date: 28th/Sept/2018
Advert Booking deadline: Tues 27th Aug 2018                  Artwork deadline: 3rd Sept 18

Issue 105 (Period Dec 18-Jan 2019)

Goes to print: 11th Nov
On Sale date: 30th/Nov/2018
Advert Booking deadline: Tues 25th Oct 2018                    Artwork deadline: 2nd Nov 18